XML Model Analyzer

Tools or editors that handle UML or HARA or TARA risk analysis often use XMI as a data format. AUTOSAR uses arxml as its data format.
These and many other data formats contain link elements, which contain important information about the model.
These link elements are managed and edited by the freeware tool XML Model Analyzer:
≻ get a good overview of how the files are linked across hundreds or thousands of elements
≻ automatically provides a dictionary
≻ jump between linked elements, no need for time-consuming searches

Import entire folders of XML files of any XML format as a coherent model.
Large files or a large number of files are processed very quickly.
Sort content to make it comparable or to better structure the XML model
≻ by a specific attribute
≻ by name
≻ by the value of a specific sub-element
≻ alphabetically sort all attributes within elements

This is how it works - demo presentation:

Signed and verified